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Buged sPvP Titles

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For the last sPvP season (2v2) I placed 232nd on the leaderboard and I believe that qualifies for the title "2v2 Elite:" When should I expect to have this title on my account? This is my first time reaching such status and I am unsure if it's bugged or I'm just impatient. I have a bad feeling that this reward is bugged, I would've thought the reward would have been handed out prior to the next season starting, 

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I think there's another thread in this forum for this. Either those last-minute players who play 28 games and then 2 more at the very end kicked you out (can you see yourself in the leaderboard still if you go to "previous season?") or it's in one of your characters' inventory, since it's a consumable and you receive no warning for it, and you didn't notice it. 

As far as I know, it is not bugged. If you still cannot find it, and are legitimately in the top 250, contact support. 

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I had 36 games on the season, I played my last ranked game about ~90 minutes before the season ended.  I also have screenshots of my named placed on the 232nd slot after the season ended. 

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