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How to get armor skins

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My partner and I really both want this armour set: 

(Heavy Antique armor)



Is this the same as the Spearmarshal set, where it's rewarded through the end of dragons story line? Of it not, what is the best way we can grind it out. Ty . ūüôā

(Wiki just said 'Acquired in End of Dragons', was hoping to get clarification.)


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Antique armor sets - You can buy them from Myung-Hee for imperial favor + research notes once you turn in the 4 EoD metas' statuettes (you can buy the statuettes on the TP), or you can buy the armor pieces off the TP directly from other players who've bought them. They used to be quite pricy but as the expac's been out a while and availability has increased the price has dropped a lot. At this point I'd buy them off the TP as they seem to be just 2-3g apiece.

The Elonian/Spearmarshal equivalents for EoD are the (confusingly-named) Ancient Canthan/Ancient sets. I believe the non-shiny versions are awarded from EoD story steps the way Elonian armor was, yeah. The equivalent of Elonian/Sunspear weapons are the Flame Serpent/Shadow Serpent sets.

Unrelated to those, there's also Jade Tech and Monastery armor that can be crafted from recipes or bought from the TP - notably you only have to buy/craft one set of either light, medium or heavy Monastery armor and it'll unlock the skins across all 3 weights.

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3 hours ago, Spudfuzz.6185 said:


(Wiki just said 'Acquired in End of Dragons', was hoping to get clarification.)


Wiki actually says: 


Acquisition: Completion of the End of Dragons Reward Track in both PvP and WvW.
Antique armor - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

If you are not playing a lot of PvP and/or WvW. In both formats, players are offered some of the same rewards as are available for PvE players. This is done through reward tracks. The concept is simple. You select your reward track and for playing (and more importantly for winning) you get rewards. Most of them are minor rewards, but each track ends with a bigger reward.

Still the advice above for PvE might be more your thing ig you never knew about these reward tracks ūüėȬ†
(and before a WvW or PvP player come in, you should try these formats, they are fun as well!!)

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If you don't want to play through the story early and get spoilers then you can farm it by WvW. It takes about four hours with full boosters to complete a WvW reward track, or eight hours without.


Its also available on the Trading Post, but its a bit expensive for a full set (maybe have about 20-30g ready).

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13 hours ago, Sime.3681 said:

That's a section of the main Wiki page for all the antique armour sets. There's also pages for the different armour weights and those used to just say 'acquired in End of Dragons' and are the ones you're sent to if you go through the Wiki's armour galleries. I edited the heavy armour one to give more details, but I'm not sure if I should add all the acquisition methods since it's duplicating info from elsewhere.

I often find the way the Wiki handles armour sets confusing. There's often (as in this case) separate pages for the armour style, for each of the 3 weights, then for each individual skin and for each item which uses that skin. They're often very short articles with a lot of duplication, but with key bits of info like where they come from, what stats are available and how much they cost scattered across the different pages.

Personally I'd prefer fewer, longer articles. In this case I think it could be condensed down to the main page for antique armour and the ones for each piece (and then only to show things like TP prices) with redirects from the skin names so you don't have to know to preface it with Beserker's. But I'm not sure what the rules are for things like this, I assume it's been discussed before and the more active Wiki editors agreed on the format we have now, I'm just not sure why.

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Wiki mentions the trading post + the vendor (that people already explained to you). Also the reward tracks from PvP/WvW. I would not try to farm the full set via reward tracks only if you want it quickly. If you do not want to avoid PvP/WvW at all ... one from each reward track + the other 4 ... from buying - might be an option.

Trading post seems cheap though. The trade research notes at the vendor might be more annoying. Buying at the trade post might be the best suggestions. Only using the reward tracks if you feel like getting 1 piece from them.

The skins from the story steps are another variant/set - also contained in the box from the reward tracks. (I play PvP and specifically tried to avoid the other weight classes in the reward track box that I can get by playing the story with another char. And tried to get a few that I would otherwise have to get from the trading post or the vendor.)

This is the one from the story: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ancient_Canthan_armor

(Though there it actually says the rewars are once per account - not per character that completes the step for the first time. So onyl 1 weight class for free.)

The free one from Path of Fire was this one: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Elonian_armor

(That was once per character - when completing the story step for the first time.)

Spearmarshal is more like the one you want: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Antique_armor#Acquisition

You had to buy Spearmarshal as well. (Was the upgraded version of Elonian. I think it also required to unlock the Elonian first.)

Edit: And yes the wiki sometimes is a bit weird. At the page of the site listing the skin you wanted ... it says the thing about EoD in the initial description. You'd usually want to look for the "acquisition" section though. Most of the time if it is a skin set they list the armor pieces there ... that unlock the skin. Then you can click go get to the armor page and there they show where you can get the armor pieces.

For the one you wanted ... it directly linked to the armor skin acquisition page and section I linked above. Sometimes the pages have a table with the tp prices (and total price) mentioned directly - so you don't need to research for each page individually. This is not consistend for every page. I agree with Danikat here. (Less pages but longer - and all info at the same page. Might be better. And similar setup/page layout for each of those armor sets.)

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