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What do you want for Guild Wars 2?

What next for GW2?  

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  1. 1. The future of GW2 in your personal oppinion?

    • A new LWS
    • A new Xpac
    • Nothing Really....
    • Not sure
    • It ended with the last Dragon
    • Potato

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Going to be very cynical, so...

Devs who actually give me the feeling that Guild Wars 2 really still does have a future. Not some people who should've gone into politics: Big talk, not much if anything to back it up.

Yes, the current drama might've once again ignited that thought.

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I feel like I want them to make a "homecoming" event that I once wrote in a past post.


Ending the story of your commander by returning back to where they started, basically a whole expansion or LW around your character going home to deal with the local drama or fixing what's wrong.


I miss Rata Sum, when my only concern was becoming the Snaff Savant and making sure my invention wasn't wrongly used...


Now it's dealing with 6 Elder dragons and a God and lost a bunch of people on the way...


I can even feel in the male Asura's voice that he sounds tired... Just let him go home... No more world ending events after what he's been through...

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For a-net to hit the break and focus more on padding/balancing/fixing game in areas that are already there but need love.

Warrior. Nuff said.

Boy has a-net lost it's way. Recently it generally bulky + chinese = new black lion weapon skinline. Blergh.
Starcraft and Diablo aren't chinese, aren't kawaii, aren't animoo yet they are killing it in eastern markets for years.
Because they're western and not ashamed of it. Guild Wars does great in terms of skins when sticking to western designs.
And it does amazing when pairing them with actual lore - like maguuma weapons. Or Dreamthistles. Or Abaddon.

Achivement/collections/story journal UI:
And boy could your achievement/collection/story journal UI use some rewamp. Collections in achievements?
Story journal achivements not really anywhere near the story journal UI itself. Sheesh what a mess.

I think we can all use a bit less Marjory/Kass/Braham/Taimi and a  LOT more of Canach/Ivan and other characters that actually have you know... character.
I'm already going on a limb here saying we want more Canach instead of saying flat out we want OUR character to be like Canach, instead of these mellow, politically correct lines we have to hear coming from it's mouth...


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They already mentioned they got another expansion planned.

I would love to see S6 leading up to the new expansion and new unexplored maps on Tyria and also close up some of the cliffhangers from Guild Wars 1. For example what happened to Evennia in Guild Wars 1?

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I would like to see the stakes be toned down severely. The end of the Dragon Cycle ius the best narrative thing that has ever happened for the game since the Dragon Cycle is a millstone on the writers. The stakes are huge, the issue with stakes is that they create an inverse proportional investment in the player. The larger they are the less they care since failure is no longer an option. Failing to stop the Dragon Cycle would mean the end of the game, so  that would never happen.

The "end of the world as we know it" is a lot more compelling to people than the "end of the world" since the former has a possability of failure and even if they fail to stop the threat they get another chance, just things have vchanged from what they're used to.


Practically speaking what I would like to see is a LW season that focuses on the resurgence of the Mursaat and the White Mantle. The Mursaat can easily be written into the game again by having a group of them going into a seperate pocket dimension that was unknown to the other Mursaats. That they would keep it a secret can be explained by that none of the Mursaat really truly trusted each other. The gate to their pocket dimension was set to open when the current Dragon Cycle ended, instead it malfunctioned and it has only opened now that the Dragon Cycle has ended for good.

Their late appearence can be exaplained with that after the Dragon Cycle ended they found themselves as strangers in a strange land and have been using that time to reorient themselves. In this time they discovered the existence of The White Mantle remants and worked on finding out how to use them.

The LW season would see the players slowly move towards Janthir and then in the last battle before entering the Isles of Janthir they would utterly fail. The LW season would then kick off the next expansion which would see us finally taking the battle to the Isles of Janthir and a resurgent White Mantle.

Xera's White Mantle was actually dangerous, Caudacus' was a joke, a narrative footnote used to guide us into the PoF expansion.

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Please dear lord do not bring back Abbadon. I’m open to new lore about him, maybe even the fractal focused on him that we never got. But please please do not bring this character back from the dead.


Make Arachnia canon though. I want to learn about her! Wouldn’t mind a story focused on the gods, as long as they don’t all turn inexplicably evil and try to destroy the world.

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I take it from the poll you mean PvE specifically?

I'd like to go somewhere completely new. We've re-hashed pretty much all the areas from GW1, I'd like the next storyline to take us somewhere we've never been before. I'm not sure where exactly although I've been curious about the lands east of Ascalon since the map was expanded to accomodate Elona, but since we know virtually nothing about any of the unexplored areas I don't mind which is chosen, I just want to know what else is out there.

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A complete overhaul to PvP and WvW. I don't mean fancy pancy "don't upset anyone" changes, I want the whole system gutted and to start anew with everything we've learned to do/not to do.


For PvE, I want story dungeons added to Personal Story (to benefit new players) and explorable dungeons converted into Fractals. I don't particularly enjoy raids or Strike Missions even if I do them, I've always been a fan of 5man content so I'd like to see it consolidated and updated.


There's alot more but these are the big ones for me.

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