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Raid bosses with toughness aggro needs a SAK or fixated

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The Emboldened system is a good help for (new/old) people BUT:

bosses that grant aggro for toughness needs a special key action for aggro.

Like Soulless Horror. 

The first week I saw people entering to raids for first time and Vale Guardian follows the most toughness player.

The player running for the platform, because he dont know that and then he just get frustrated and leave the raid.

Question: why?

Obviously if a new raider that want to go to raid needs to learn that, but why? 

Its a bad system, its seems that only people that have saw a guide or experienced can tank it, theres no help in-game to know or have knowledge of that.

And the pro people just take a infusion for 5 toughness... because the toughness dont reduce the damage, the tanks needs block and heals to survive.


A special action key for aggro will help a lot in:

Vale Guardian,


Keep Construct,

Xera (tank cant have the shield, maybe fixated system?),

Mursaat have the Claim sak aggro,


Soulless Horror have sak,

Eater of Soul (statues of Grenth),

Broken King (statues of Grenth),


Nikare third attack (Twin Largos),


Sabir have toughness system too but people are stacked and the boss dont move,

and Qadim the Peerless (q2) have sak system until 20% then first one that get closer.


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If you added a special action key, other players would press it without thinking. Raid squads just need to be more versatile like they are in WvW, with the Commander able to designate someone as the tank; this functionality already exists with the scouting system so I'm unsure why it wasn't used.


We definitely need a purple marker above the tank's head though.

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