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Remnant of the Mists [RotM] [NA-PvE] [LGBTQ+]


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Remnant of the Mists [RotM] is a semi-hardcore guild with a main focus with raiding. We are 18+, LGBTQ+ and striving to build a friendly community of players.
We are looking for another raider to join our static that can progress throughout all wings and further progress into Strikes CM in End of Dragons. Alongside raids, we will also do Guild Missions, PvP, and map metas.
We are looking for either an experienced raider, or someone interested in raiding that is willing to learn!

If you are new (or experienced) to raids we ask that

-You research your spec(s) and understand the capabilities.
-Watch videos on mechanics of the fights
-Start off with the DPS role but have a support build in the works.
-Take constructive criticism well
-Be friendly and enjoy the game!


Raids are currently be scheduled for Monday's at 09:00PM EST & Tuesday at 09:00PM EST. Signups are based on a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested, feel free to reach out to me.
Discord: Jeshal#8410

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