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Steampunk Mount Skins

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As a resident engi main, steampunk fashion collector and steampunk junkie in general, I love how so much of this game borrows from the genre. However there's one thing that I think is missing and would be really cool, and that is a mount skin theme in the fashion of Scarlet's steam creatures, or less so watchknights, or twisted creatures. Dynamic gears with hissing, ticking and clanking. Puffs of steam emanating from aesthetic, copper pipes. It would be so fun to have vintage, mechanical mounts in the already richly, steampunk world that Tyria is. 

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Ah yes, the Charr, Steampunk Legionaires. That whole aesthetic is what got me into playing them, Charr are the best! 😄

They borrow from Steampunk the most, but yeah, the game does have its influences.


There was a few steampunk outfits and armor skins, but nothing too major like mounts.

If we can get Charr steampunk themed mounts (and make them a bit bigger, like the juggernaut raptor), that would be cool!

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