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A suggestion for the next game-changer Mastery

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Fellow Tyrians, 


We got skiffs, that's cool. We got multiplayer mounts with siege turtle, also cool even if I still don't have mine. 

Now let's merge thoses two concepts together and create small boats, make it 5 player, and put canons on it. 

Make it upgradable like jade bots. 

Allow guilds to unlock a guild boat skin with their emblem on the sails.


Anet have the base tech for all of this now. 


And then let's got sail on the Unending Ocean and kill the spawns of whatever deep-sea monster was previously thought to be an elder dragon. 


Thank you

PS: sorry for the bad english, I'm french.


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Skiffs already hold 5 people (1 pilot, 4 passengers).

They absolutely should have a cannon and I'm surprised they don't already. I hope they add that in future because I love the idea of naval battles.

A guild skiff skin which shows your emblem would be nice too.

Also your English is fine.

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