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Hey anet


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1 hour ago, Jzaku.9765 said:

They made fun of GS5 Rush's tracking when they showcased Willbender Sword 5 Advancing Strike on their espec reveal stream. 

... And they still did nothing about it 🤣😂😕😭


Honestly, I don't know why they just don't change the animation to any of the similar skills on other professions that actually work (e.g., Rangers Swoop, Guardian Leap of Faith, etc). Seems like it would be a really simple fix... 

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You want to know another BS thing? All those stacking buffs other EoD Specs got get the duration refreshed when a new stack is applied. Guess what didn't, Fierce as Fire.

Imagine how much better warrior on the whole would be if Berserker's Power, Adrenal Health, Attacker's Insight and Fierce as Fire all refreshed durations when a new stack were applied.

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