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My mechanist pvp build


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So I've been using this build for pvping:


It's quite tough and i like to think it has a good balance of mobility, defense, offense and control with a nice bit of regeneration sustaining it, the net turret is just any random utility I feel like using at the time, the net being a fairly annoying one with the sudden immobilises.

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You're better off using a different rune. The alacrity gain from Sanctuary might seem like a lot, but I encourage you to measure how much cd reduction you actually get from it.

From my testing, under the best possible scenario (constant boons from Juggernaut, might sigil, fastest auto attacks from Flamethrower, constantly attacking), it amounts to a ~6 second reduction on a 90 second cooldown. 6 seconds. The difference is even more minute for shorter cd skills.

Anet nerfed this trait into absolute oblivion in PvP. The Sanctuary rune interaction with Alchemy is required to get any real uptime on alacrity procs, but these procs are so meaningless, they equate to maybe 5% reduction in skill cd under the BEST possible scenario.

Happy building.

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That may be so, but that is not all the reason to use sanctuary, It is particularly good at helping to mitigate damage and health buffer. the alacrity trait simply gives you a little extra healing and a brief 2% damage reduction from the alchemy trait, it's sort of backwards compatible which is what made it such a strong interaction.

Sanctuary rune is basically just a 10% bonus to all of your healing intake, I was thinking of pairing it with health insurance to give a chunky recieved healing bonus.

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