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Do you buying this game for only pve content?


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I start to think A-net legit abandon to pvp scene in this game.And as a balance standpoint game is a clown fiesta.I absolute hate to fact new expansion classes mostly have dominating present in pvp scene and its obv. this is only of the selling strategy of Gw2."Don't you be stronger and win easier?Then buy new expansion we made more busted and more braindead classes with shiny skills for change to meta and break to balance more.And people still defending this with new maps and story.Am I only one thinks PVP in mmorpg is matter because it determinates how much devs dedicated to balance between classes.Balance in pve only matters in hardcore content.Who cares best class for meta trains?And İf you don't care PVP content you made a half-kitten mmorpg which doesn't deserve my support.PvP is dominated by Mechs and Bladesworn and Harbingers and some can say its P2W.Definitelly Pay2meta.I'm not gonna buy EoD for fishing or torturing myself for Turtle.Which noone using bc its worse than every other mounts.And when Gw2 release in Steam I definitelly state this game not care pvp audience so find another game to play.

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