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Holosmith and mid-combat Cutscenes

Eram the Liar.5720

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I'm a returning GW2 player but back when I first played there were no elite professions, or Living World issues, or anything like that. I made it to about a level 30 elementalist and sort of... wandered off, distracted by other things.


I came back about a month ago and have been having a lot of fun (not a lot of skill, just a lot of fun) splitting my time between Virtuoso and Holosmith... which are pretty different playstyles. Holosmith has taken some getting used to because there's a lot of dropping in and out of photon forge and managing your heat levels. I'm getting better at it as I go, but I do have one specific weakness that I can't seem to get past, which is that if any combat sequence has a mid-combat cutscene it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm going to hit my heat limit and start self-immolating while the oh-so-dramatic scene is playing out. It's especially amusing/frustrating when it's a cutscene where the monster is giving a short speech before the next round of action starts and I hear my character shouting "hot! hot!" in the background.


Is there any way around this other to know when the custcenes happen and work around them? It's aggravating to be doing well in a fight, cutscene happens, and then I return to find at least a quarter of my health gone and my toolbelt still on cooldown...

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Unfortunately, not really a way around that besides knowing when cutscenes play and leaving photon forge before that happens.

Also recommendable is the use of PBM (photonic blasting module), since it will reduce the punishments for overheating.

  • Toolbelt skills put on 5 seconds cooldown instead of 15, so it is likely that they are back up before the end of the cutscene or shortly after it.
  • Significantly less lost health, since the 4k initial self damage from the overheat is removed and the over time self damage gets counteracted by heat therapy.

And the trait provides great damage for your build, since overheating triggers an attack that scales with a power coefficient of 5,0.

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