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Class for T4Fractals

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Hello, I finally made 600 gold and all ready to craft ascended gear but I don't know which class will be good at T4Fractals.

  1. Is there is meta in T4Fractals?
  2. What class will be good for me (mastered t1/2) as Necromancer (hsc, power-reaper) and Guardian (power DH, hqfb)?
  3. Ascended armour can have changed stats?

Overall any tips on going to T4? I'm worried I will make my power Guardian with Zojja set and people wouldn't want me as DPS. ūüė™

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For Guardian, Power DH, Condi FB and Healbrand are all fine for normal T4's, nobody is going to care that you don't do 40k DPS like most others do, as long as you don't do less damage than the support, do the mechanics right and don't die a lot, everything should be fine.

My Power Alacrigade is the biggest example of that, can't DPS for kitten on it, i do around 8-10k DPS, but i make sure to help the team a lot, maintain 100% uptime on Alacrity, bring stab if we need stab, bring ventari tablet if we need projectile destrcution, bring boon strip if we need it, and of course do all the mechanics and other stuff right, so far, never got kicked from a group, despite my garbo DPS hehe.

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Heal alacrity Mechanist. Nearly 90% asked for in fractals. Almost shoulder to shoulder with Quick Heal Firebrand.

Used to run Qhfb myself, but tend to always swap to my Engi now for Fractals, so maybe kit yourself out a DPS set for which ever is flavour of the month for your preferred profession at the moment. Ascended comes easier the higher the fractal level you are, so you'll be able to equip more specs out.

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You can play basically everything in T4 fractals, they are easy enough (and yes, this includes open world builds)

As long as one person actually knows how to deal damage and receives the associated boons, they will burn through the bosses with ease.

To make your T4 fracs smooth you either want to be that person dealing the damage or the one that does the support - probably the latter because even if you don't have a good DPS player in your group, defensive support will still make your fractal experience much more consistent. It is also a generally not an issue to have more than one support for T4.

But generally speaking, just playing something that survives and does some damage is fine too - depending on the size of your purse that might be fine for starters.

The meta is basically having boons: Might, Fury, Quickness are the most important ones, next in line are Alacrity, Stability, Aegis. So the average party will have 2 players focusing around providing these boons in a combined effort with 1 player usually being on heal and the other on damage. Typically Firebrand + some Alac provider, what is heal and what is damage often depends on the group. The rest are damage dealers that can essentially be whatever build as long as they are good what they are doing.

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