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Please criticize this build


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I have been playing it (with some variation between pinpoint distribution and thermal vision) and I have been successful with it. I have not seen people referring anything similar to this build in videos or guides.


Ditto, I am not an experienced player. But it does well in unranked and in ranked it kept me at gold too without too much effort.


I have not played at high levels of competitive matches. Not sure how much of it is the build not being able to be carried there or if it is due to my own limitations. This could be why I don't see people talking about this particular build on YT?


If you see the shortcomings, I'd appreciate if you could tell what to do to bring it to the next level.


But as far as new players go, as long as you understand 2 to 3 aspects of this build, you will do well IMO.








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Condi mechs, no matter the build are really good in gold rating and lower, because players in that range of rating focus more on doing dmg and having their stats and passive sustain them. What we call 'trading' at higher rating and basically you will not see a single plat 2 or higher player using this because there too many counterplay, ( DMG can be kitd, can be one shotted by condi, etc) but another part is the build needs, especially at high rating to have a role, be it side noder, dps, roamer or support. And your build would be a poor dps, mech ai is food in tf, to slow for a roamer and so it can only be a side noder. That's where the problem is, side noder have vindi. Vindi beats mech at equal skill level. Hence, condi mech is viable, even good, but up to a certain rating.

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Pretty much every condition engi build needs flamethrower so drop a signet for that. I'm not too sure how efficient soulbeast runes are so I can't comment on them, but I'd take Balthazar or Orr with this build. Cleansing/energy sigils. 

TBH I'd also just drop alchemy for tools, then run AED, rocket boots, flamethrower, shift signet and go energy/smoldering runes. 

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4 hours ago, Infinity.2876 said:

How are you going to proc purity of response?

There is a purging sigil, since I do not run weapon bundles. I have not monitored if emergency elixir double procs with purity.


However, in the many tweaks I used, I felt I survived better with purity rather then Iron Blooded. But it could be just a bad match streak.


As for the rune, I started with Balthazar with the explosive trait that gives vitality for a massive 32k health pool. As I got used to the build and could survive fights, I started to move towards more damaging runes until I felt sustain dropped to much. This version sits at a healthy 24k HP with a 12% damage reduction. The rune of the soul beast works great, you do get 7% more condition damage when the mech is around. However, dps wise, on static dummy, I got the best damage with Elementalist rune with pinpoint distribution and Sigil of courage for more might. But I noticed I fared worse in actual matches. Again, it could be a bad streak or false perception or that in dynamic fights, Souldbeast rune performs better for my play style.


I did run the gadget trait line before moving to this but I felt I was dying to quickly. Please note, I am new to PvP and I am still learning what and when to dodge, the dynamics of the maps and what fights to avoid. This build, I believe, is very good for noobies because it provides a good amount of passive sustain (barrier, cleansing and protection) without you needing to press anything.


How I approach fights:


Main combo is known in other condi builds: superconducting signet and rolling smash while casting. I trigger discharge array sometimes to slow people down or use pistol 5 to glue them on the signet aoe. Meanwhile, I shoot a few bleeding rounds and the 5 poison shot.


From there, LoS and let the condi work it's way. If they move to me, I use blowtorch, which goes through walls while I am still out of LoS. The opening burst is massive and can take a huge chunk of purely dps oriented builds. By the time I have to engage, there is already a lot of condi going on and the target still has to go through my health pool, protection, heal and teleport signet.


That said, I have died very quickly to competent players. But as a noob, this build fits me very well. That's why I am interested into hearing from experienced players what the shortcomings might be. I know eventually I will have to fill the gaps if I want to improve.

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