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Tools Traits and Mechanist


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I just came back from a long break and im keeping up with the new specs. I tried mechanist the other day and found out that when using mechanist, toolbelt skills dissapears.

So, when using mechanist, Static Discharge and Kinetic Battery are useless traits because there is no toolbelt skills?

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Well... Static Discharge is useless in general but as for Kinetic Battery, it will simply take you a bit longer to build up the charges to trigger this trait. There's better traits (Jade Dynamo) and utilities (Elixir U) for you to use if you want access to quickness and mobility rather than Kinetic Battery.

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The toolbelt traits work off mech abilities for mechanist, however the mandatory 15% reduced recharge in the tools traitline does not function in pvp for some reason. Do note however that static discharge will fire from the mech rather than the mechanist.

In pvp you can get extremely low cooldowns for the mech using jade dynamo and tools which makes both static discharge and jade dynamo significantly stronger, you may even consider explosive knuckle in such a case for it getting lower than 10 secods cd in PvE with the combined cooldown reduction.

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