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Looking for New growing Guild

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Hey there!
Been playing for more than 5 years, but never been a truly part of the guild, I was just joining random guilds for the missions, fractals etc. But now I want to be a part of something, find friends and teammates and enjoy game together. So I'm looking for Guild that just started to grow, just to join a new building community, and guild that have goal to grow big.


Please contact me here or in game.


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Hey Brother...

Im not to sure if we'd are exactly the guild your hoping for...but I think all guilds try to grow and improve, so that for sure is ours. We are a mainly WvW focused, but will start dabbling in other game modes and types. Here is a guild recruitment ad I do post, so let me know if its of interest to ya 🙂


NA [CBo] Crimson Blackout is an easy-going WvW focused guild that loves to fight and is very active. Some of our members also do PvE Strikes, Raids, Fractals andPvP and are always willing to help in these areas. We are based on Sorrow's Furnace server, but open to adding players from other servers with alliances on the way. We have regular class trainings and even 1 on 1 class trainings with our experts if needed. We are a very open, inclusive and respectful guild, where all are welcome.

We officially raid Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9pm cst) and Saturday at 6h00 (pst), 7h00 (mst), 8h00 (cst) or 9h00 (est) but roam and chill the other nights. You are under no obligation to run every night, but ideally, we would like you to run at least 2 nights a week with us. Lately on our roaming/unofficial nights, we help new guild members get their Warclaw mount. We also run random nights like Necro night Ranger night, just something to have a laugh and a bit of craic with.

Please join us on TeamSpeak @ ts40.gameservers.com:9115 This is mandatory. You don't have to talk, just listen for call outs 🙂

We please ask that you rep CBo on official raid nights also.

You are welcome to join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/6e3zHBKZhk we use Discord as a website.

Please feel free to reach out to me in-game at Rantaine.4759 or on Discord at Dguvner#3035

P.S Transfers to SF currently very cheap and of course well worth it

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Hey! We are a small WvW guild trying to grow. We have tons of fun and you'll be guaranteed to laugh every night. If you're interested in some WvW. I posted my guild below. 



Greetings! Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

Hold On Let Me Grab A [BEER] is a WvW Focused Havoc/Smallscale Guild that runs Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday @ 8:30pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). We are currently on Henge of Denravi server (NA SERVERS). We roam most nights with Mon/Tues/Wed being our GROUP COMP nights. We may be small, but we pack quite a punch. We focus on fights, pulling enemy zergs off our locations, causing chaos and overall anxiety to our enemy. We play this game to have fun but, we do take fighting the enemy pretty serious.

No political talk here. No religious talk. No world news or local news talk. We keep this guild drama free. We feel these topics cause too much drama in life. This is a game we escape life too, not bring life's worries here.

As far as recruitment. We accept any and all. If you're willing to try your best, stay focused, have fun, and follow our limited rules. Try us out. We are willing to teach and train.


  • Discord (no mic needed)
  • 1 Raid Requirement a Week
  • 100% Rep During Set WvW Raids
  • No Drama
  • No Politics, Religion, News talk.

Guild Summary

  • Havoc Focused
  • Group Comp
  • WvW Set Raids | Mon/Tues/Wed @ 8:30pm EST
  • Guild Missions / Event Night | Mondays


  • Anyone Welcome
  • Willing to Teach / Train
  • Staying focused is key

You can find me in game: Discomfort.5987

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Hi! 🙂

[ION] guild is recruiting. We're on EU.

Beside that we are small guild focused on raids/strikes/fractals and ofc we're helping each other on meta events and other stuff. 

Our main goal is to have nice community that will help grow our guild, so we're definitely sharing the same goal. 

Also we like to mess around, praise each others pets, share memes, music etc.


Feel free to join! 


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<Dragonsong> is a semi-hardcore guild, with a focus on PvX. We are recruiting new players, returning players, and veterans interested in helping others. Visit our Discord to join!: jDNnFCSRZu

We are a newly formed guild, led by GW2 and MMO veterans. We are interested in clearing all content in all difficulties at a pace that feels natural to us.

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The Ministry Of Invaders [MoI], is a Guild Focused on WvW, based on Aurora Glade and we are currently recruiting New Invaders and train them to be some Elite Invaders someday.


We are a casual Guild looking for all people whether you're a beginner or a veteran or whoever you are, we welcome you in [MoI].


To join the Guild you are required to:
- Speak or Understand English.
- Represent us most the time to encourge us. 
- Join the Guild's Discord and Join voice, (No Mic Needed)
- Play with the Builds we posted (If we asked you to.) But of course all classes are welcome to us.

- Have fun with us all the time and not be toxic.


Our Guild Raids is yet to be announced until we get the amount of people to start an actual Raid, but that won't let us have no content! We will have weekly twice roaming squads to build ourselves up, so don't hesitate on joining us. We Are Full Of Invasion All The Time!!!!


If you would to become an Invader in our Ministry please be sure to DM me here on Discord @FERO32#6291 or  send me a message in-game at: fero busaie.4076


Together We Invade and Get Drinks Of Blood.

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OP: I get where you are coming from. I have debated forming my own guild. I want to build a guild hall from scratch with a group of friends. To feel the achievement of increasing the amenities available to all. I am a member of three fantastic guilds, with great people, and high activity. However, I still don't feel the same way I do when I helped build a guild from the ground up in GW1.

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If you are interested in building up a newly build guild then our guild may be for you. 

Mulai Dari Nol [Nol] is an Indonesian WvW guild on NSP [NA].  That said I do speak English so its  kind of bilingual. In the future when we have enough members, we do plan on doing organized squad oriented plays on WvW.

Lastly "Mulai Dari Nol" means starting from zero. Cheers! 

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