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The First City - Neutralize Scruffy 2.0 - Stuck

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Hello All, 


I've searched and searched for an answer for my problem and I'm not finding anything anywhere.


After about 3 hours trying to complete The First City (yeh, I am not skilled game player 😞) I quit out the other night, frustrated beyond belief. I thought I would try again this evening, however, when I go back and reenter the instance, I am immediately upon the platform with Scruffy 2.0, and all of the inquest power conduits that I destroyed are, well, still destroyed. There aren't even any bridges to get over to them.  I tried to walk back but I can't. I have to wait and be killed and exit to Istan.  But when I try to go back and restart The First City, I'm in the same place.  If I reset the chapter, I suspect I will not only have to start the First City again (which I expect) but I suspect I will also have to redo all five parts before it.  Something I would highly prefer to avoid!


Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong, do you know if I *have* to reset the chapter, and if so, will it take me back to the beginning of all the parts (I feel certain this is the case)? Is there any way to win the Scruffy 2.0 battle without any static conduit bundles? Alternatively, is there any way to respawn the power conduits (which I doubt, but again, deseperately trying to avoid hours and hours of starting the entire chapter over (I'm sure someone will post that it shouldn't be taking me that long, I refer you back to the start where I let you know, I'm not *such* a great player ;)) 


Per the wiki:


"At 75% and 25%, he will become invulnerable and spawn two (at 75%) or four (at 25%) Static Storms, orbs of electricity which will slowly circle the platform and pull you towards them if you get too close. These must be destroyed to make Scruffy vulnerable again; jump across the platforms towards the Asura Gates lining the walls of the room and destroy the Inquest Power Conduits to spawn a Static Conduit bundle, which grant the following skills:" 


By that information, I do not think it's possible for me to defeat Scruffy 2.0 without the power conduits, which are gone.  


Thank you for whatever help anyone is able to give me!

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Option 1:  Go down to the bottom, under the platform.  See if there is a console that you can interact with. 

Option 2:  Go up the stairs to the entrance where Brahm and company are holding the risen back.  Talk to one of them, see if it resets the instance.

Option 3:  Take a friend that has the skyscale with you into the instance.  They can fly around to the spots they need to go to kill the Inquest Power Conduits.  There may be one that you just don't see and they can get it and then the others will respawn.

Option 4:  Start another story chapter.  Quit it, restart this one. 

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Another thought: ask a friend who is either at that step or has completed that chapter. Have them start the instance. Yes, you need to redo the instance, but not the whole chapter. I also believe that story instances do not scale with the number of players--I could be wrong there--making things that much faster and easier. EU or NA?

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Thank you both for such helpful suggestions!


Kaltyn; I've been on the bottom several times and around it, (at the end I was throwing myself off of it just to die quicker so I could get out, and try again, since I can no longer go into the orange areas to get myself tossed out) I think I tried to interact with a console down there last night, though, since I think that's the only place I could have tried it, unless there was one I could have reached at the top of the stairs, and that didn't work for me at the time, I will look more diligently for one down there and give it another try. .


Based on your suggestions, I also don't think I tried to jump to one of the places the former consoles were at, my springer has high vault, though I suspect it is too high to reach that way, I might not have checked because I thought it wouldn't help since I destroyed all of the consoles already, but sounds like a good plan to see if that somehow respawns any of them, I'll definitely give that a try too.


I've been over where they are trying to hold back the Risen, and tried to walk back, and killed several Risen, and at various times tried to let them kill me (to get out of the instance) but I didn't try to speak with anyone, I'll definitely try that next!


For option 3, I don't have any friends who have skyscales, I don't actually know many folks online besides those I've brought there, who are wayyyyyyy worse at the game than I am, haha!  I tried to look carefully to see if any were still around, and I didn't see any, but I'd be thrilled if that worked, if I ended up with that as an option, general plea to the masses or some such 🙂


For option 4, I tried that, but for another area, Tyria I think... but I'm not entirely sure, since I was a bit scattered trying everything I thought might nudge it in the right direction, since I soooooooooooo don't want to do parts 1-6 again. I'd be happy to restart part 6, but I don't feel like I should have to repeat the other parts, and I feel pretty sure that resetting the chapter would start it all over, which I imagine you believe too (and thank you very much for helping me here!).


Harfang, yeah, no friends who are even as far as I am, or who play at any point besides one or two days a bit on the weekends (my boyfriend, when he's here).  I'm NA, I'm pretty sure, since I'm in the USA.


Thank you so much again!


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Thanks  Guys!


So I tried everything you mentioned that I had available to me, and nothing worked : (  You can't get close enough to any of the allies over where they are trying to hold back the Risen, it knocks you back (orange border). 


Finally, I went back and just decided too try and fight scruffy again, even if I couldn't do anything to kill it, and either my first death after that triggered them to respawn, or, more likely, getting scruffy to 75% and it calling the static storms again triggered the conduits to respawn, yay!!! I finished the part tonight without having to reset the whole thing.


And though the suggestions aren't the thing that tripped the respawning, it was the hope I got from your suggestions that had me try the last thing that did end up working! Anyway, just wanted to thank you again, Bugs were not the death of me this time (and I was finding it so ironic that the next part is called "A Bug in the System", too....)    ; )

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