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NA - [CC] Critical Citizens is recruiting


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Established in the Henge of Denravi server before Alliances hit, we are a 2 month old guild that already has around 65 members.

The main focus of the guild is to create a group core of WvW players, as we run everyday at around 13:00 Est and at night time around 20:00 Est.

Make no mistake tho, we are a PvX guild as well, having many members from other servers to do some pvp, raids, strike missions, daily fractals, the works.

Very healthy chat enviorement, where respect is key and topics about everything game related is encouraged . No drama or controversial topics allowed.


We seek to grow as a community. New and Veterans players are more than welcome to join. Learning from each other makes us grow as individuals therefore

the entire guild benefits from it.


Discord info : Wtakzt7ftp , welcome to join regardless of being in the guild or not 🙂


Or contact :  Sareth.6584 


Looking forward to working with you guys. GG

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