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Returning to game LF a guild NA

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Hey all I'm just now returning to the game starting on a 100% fresh account. Only currently have the base game (no expansions) But if I find a good guild and get into the game going to buy all of them. Last I played PoF was new so it's been awhile. My play time is random right now just been mostly working on the story and leveling my Necromancer.

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Hey there, no idea if we are what you're looking for but none of us will know that until we meet right? So here's our info/blurb/pack of lies about how great we are..........¬†ūü§£

[NA] Shrieking Quokkas has been around for about 10 months and thankfully we don't have any long term cliques and so far no overinflated egos.
We don't have any big joining requirements, no forms to fill out or interviews to sit, just jump into Discord and have a chat, see what you think of us and let us know you want an invite. Any of our members can send guild invites so you don't have to wait for the obligatory 'officer' to be online.

We run Fractals and Dungeons a couple times a week to fit around timezones and are planning Strikes in a couple of weeks. Otherwise it's random HP or Mastery runs when people are about and keen. Anything you want to do just shout, we're usually happy to jump onboard for the fun of it (mostly because we're proctastinating on what we 'should' be doing)

Timezones seem to be a fairly even split between US and SEA times,  though most of the voice activity at the moment seems to be centered around reset with a small chatty group of Aussies around 7pm AEST.
We'd love to see voice chat pick up because it's a great place to toss ideas about and see what everyone is up to. We don't mind if you take or leave our advice, you'll likely have 3 different answers to your questions anyway lol

As for why Quokkas...... well drop into the Discord and we'll tell you.

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