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2022-07-19 Patch - Why is there still NPNG?

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Not even that. If they want to keep the Instability as it is there is one simple fix to make it actually relevant.




Forces everyone to either boonstrip or deal with lower damage across the board.

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19 minutes ago, Aravind.9610 said:

I think they added resolution to it now.

EDIT: Yep, instead of Might, Fury, Protection, its now Might, Protection, Resolution.

Still stupid due to the limited accessibility of mass-boonstrip. Or do you want to have something like 3 fixed Scourge-slots in fractals? This is just making fractals unfun. NPNG is easily one of the worst and most unimaginative instabilities out there.

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Me: We Bleed Fire is the only fun Instability, consisting of a clear telegraph, personal responsibility and plentiful but skilled counters with positioning, dodging, blocking, projectile negation and reflects - rather than just being a boring passive or an annoyance, esp. where other's failure screws you instead. 


Anet: Removes We Bleed Fire while largely just slightly shuffling around everything else. 



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