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LW1 Ch3 Spoils of chaos


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Yeah ... I think for 2 you have to jump down. And one is harder to find. (Easy to overlook. The one hear the 2nd area where Faren was held captive.)

I am still looking for the "Woes of an Aetherblade" for the Investigative Study - seems to be the most hidden  item there. (All other stuff was easier to finde - the 5 chests and the 2 recordings.)

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22 hours ago, xerokitsune.5094 said:

"Woes of an Aetherblade" is next to the chest in the ogre area up the back ramp.

Ah thanks. Now I found this. Still got me a bit confused since I mainly know the pavillon from the festival - and I was running around near the outer ring. (There usually some ogres are.) This area actually has ogre housing as we normally see in open world or other maps. In the festival I think it is the white mantle area. (Hablion.)

Bottom right area - the last one where you fight Scarlet befor moving to the start area (and from there to the mid then for the end fight) ... is it. I wonder why I did not take it the first time. I guess I opened the chest too fast when re-visiting while searching I thought I had gotten that one already cause it is tooo obvious. (Other ones were near levers where you automatically visited - and obvious as well.)

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