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[Suggestion] Taming Abilities/Tool Sets


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୧┆Tamable Pets



I believe this could be a game changer, especially for Rangers, one of the most heavily played classes.


To start off,  we would be given a kit, it contains treats, tranquilizer, net and many more utilities to successfully tame a creature in Tyria.  With this being implemented into the game, it would give developers the opportunities to expand the pet management collection for creatures that were unobtainable before (whether that maybe ones you see in the wild, prairie dogs, sand sharks etc). 




  1. Wouldn't this be the same taming method from the game "Ark Survival Evolved"? Absolutely not, I'm simply using the logical approach when it comes to taming creatures in the wild without involving domestic abuse. 
  2. How would we get this kit? Hoping this idea intrigues the developers and everyone else, the kit could possibly be obtained by purchasing it from an exclusive merchant, getting it at the start of your journey, or specific level requirement. 
  3. How would you tame creatures with the "kit"? How will you know if it's tamable or untamable? Once you have the kit, you'll have to tranquilize the creature, depending on it's level, the duration of it's effectiveness will take longer. Once the animal has been put to sleep, you immediately put the net over it, once it wakes up it. Do not worry, it will not break it right away, it will try to wiggle out, but you can give it treats, you can also cook your own treats to make it super effective. There will be a bar over the animal, it will show a percentage rate, once it goes to 100%, you've successfully tamed it!
    • Whether to know if a creature will be untamable or not, if you are a Ranger and hover over the creature, there will be a bar that says "untamable!". Do not think just because a creature is hostile doesn't mean it's not tamable, it will just be harder to tame. 
  4. Why do you want to achieve something like this? I wish to be a world famous Zoologist/Animal Behaviorist to one day show that animals have just the amount of emotions as we do. GW2 being a traditional MMO should be a perfect example of bringing classes to life, and it shouldn't be too late to make this a mechanic. For me, trying to find where a specific animal is, but then simply charming in, doesn't seem much of a challenge. I'm aware it's a game, but realism in mmorpg brings a lot of strong emotions. 
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Where do I even begin? There is just so many issues that I have no idea which ones are the worst.
-This means you need to PAY to play the class and dedicate inventory slots while other classes don't have to.
-You want to prove that "animals have just the amount of emotions as we do" by making us traumatize them and if you want realism, possibly harm them. Neat.
-The process of getting all pets is already hours worth of work and for the sake of realism you want to make it longer.
-The entire process of making this work would take time that could be used on fixing the AI, animations and other pet related issues.
-The players that have the pets won't care/won't be able to experience it without making an another Ranger and those who didn't get all pets will have to suddenly be at a disadvantage when going for the same result.

The only "strong emotions" you would bring would be anger, annoyance and hatred.

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Beddo, I see your perspective, however the way you view this as a traumatic matter, is a bit "unfair". Let me try to clear this up for you if I may. Imagine having this idea implemented, this could give Developers the idea to have Rangers tame creatures around them, even ones that would be hostile or passive. You know how you would toss a blanket on your bed in order to sleep for the night? Think of that example, but for the net instead. The net would be very useful for when it came to hostile ones that attack you. So no, it is not abusive at all and no there would be no disadvantage, especially when you have 3 pets to chose from in the beginning.


Second, if a passive creature was being harmed by a hostile, you can save it by tranquilizing the two of them. So you are both doing them a favor. In conclusion, I can say for the least that is a better summary of what I said then what you assumed of what would be traumatic and a "horrible experience". 

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I have to agree with Beddo, I don't think this is a good idea.

Ranger already takes more time investment than any other class to get access to all tools, simply because you already have to seek out pets over the maps to charm. Making the gap between rangers and other classes even wider by making them have to use an inventory slot to tame hostile animals makes no sense for me.

Additionally, this feature requires the design of new pet kits from anet. Sure, they could do it slowly by just introducing 3 new pets at a time, for example. But doing so is.... not really different from them simply giving us some new pets with each expansion.

This mechanic would just complicate things for no real benefit. The big majority of players don't care so much about inversion as they care for convenience and quality of life. The people this would serve positively would be a really small minority, I'd imagine, and doesn't seem worth the effort and resources.

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I think you're misunderstanding things a lot Kodama, and overthinking this.

These 3 new pets, whatever race you have, you usually get the wolf, bear and drake etc (if you get the Ranger class). So, I have no idea what you're talking about. 


2. There would be no additional inventory slots required. Making taming somewhat of a minigame would add a small amount of fanfare and achievement to gaining a pet. This could also replace some of the meta-gated pets such as Smokescale, instead requiring a small and not difficult minigame, instead of causing a player to only have access at certain points.

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Sometimes less is just better, instead of tiresome process you get to make your own story how you managed to tame a certain pet.
Some pets are taken from nest when young, some are simply thankful for rescuing them or just decided that they will live better life with you.
Ranger is shown as a class experienced with all kinds of animals and beast, which allows them to see what's tamable or not. There is many possible pets, but we always pick the ones that can be tamed peacefully and can help us in combat instead of being tamed and doing nothing. 

11 hours ago, LilCrispyFuyu.7093 said:

For me, trying to find where a specific animal is, but then simply charming in, doesn't seem much of a challenge


3 hours ago, LilCrispyFuyu.7093 said:

This could also replace some of the meta-gated pets such as Smokescale, instead requiring a small and not difficult minigame

Do you want challenge or not?
Sorry I just see no lore or mechanical benefit to you idea.

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