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Account Name and Password no longer saved [Merged]

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I know there was a thread about this a while ago, but I've lost it and can't find it again. That said:

I've been running with dpi scaling OFF for a while now and haven't had any problems with the login window remembering my credentials.

I was playing around with settings today and noticed that with dpi scaling ON the login window started randomly forgetting the account name / email. If I just close the launcher when that happens and restart it it'll eventually remember that it remembers, haha.

Once I switched back to dpi scaling OFF, the login window seems fine again.

Just a bizzare interaction that'll maybe help someone find the bug?

Also, please make an EVEN LARGER option for the Interface Size setting. 😄 Or fix the DPI Scaling to not be so durn blurry.

Edit: Ah, ty for the merge, not sure why my feeble search skills failed so miserably.

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So, I encounter this issue once or twice a week where the launcher just erases my username and pass despite having "save username/pass" enabled and I have no clue why, so I assume it's just a bug. I kinda see it as a pointless feature on the launcher if it doesn't do it's job half the time.

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14 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

You will find it always saves your password (six asterisks), but doesn't always save your Account Name.  Closing and re-opening the launcher will bring back the Account Name, though it may take several tries. 

Ah.. Still though, hopefully they fix it at some point?

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Every other time I've started the GW2 launcher it drops my e-mail from the account name field and I have to re-type it, despite having "Remember Account Name" checked. This has only been broken for a few weeks as far as I recall - not sure what happened.

Password is fine, oddly enough.

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I found a fix that doesn't mess with the scaling or appearance.

  1. Locate Gw2-64.exe
  2. Open the folder bin64 within the same directory
  3. Right-click CoherentUI_Host.exe and select Properties
  4. Switch to the tab Compability and Change high DPI settings
  5. Check the second checkbox ("Override...") and ensure that Application is selected in the drop-down
  6. Close all windows by clicking OK

Apparently the executable that's hosting the CoherentUI doesn't work well with DPI scaling. Luckily it's a seperate executable and only hosts, not actually displays any of the UI, so the scaling of the main Gw2-64.exe is still applied.

I noticed however that closing the launcher or the client without having started the game by selecting a character can reset the account name.

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