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Why do you come to the forums?

Why do you come to the forums?  

108 members have voted

  1. 1. Why do people come to the forums?

    • To find out information on a topic
    • To sugegst new ideas
    • For discussions on various topics
    • To thank anet
    • To report bugs
    • To push the game in a direction you want
    • To promote yourself
    • To whine about things
    • Wait the forums exist?
    • other : Say it in the comments

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Depends on my mood. Mostly to give my two cents at topics I get interested in. Other times it’s to see the drama unfold and find some popcorn to munch on. And sometimes post jokes about silly things I notice. Some ppl are way too serious. 👀

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Came to see if anyone is complaining about the 4 World Boss reworks. I personally LOVE the new encounters and hope they don't change anything about them, they're perfect and require you to pay more attention now. The Shadow Behemoth is like a small Raid Boss in a starter map which is exactly what new players need to experience to prepare them for later content.


Great job Anet, maybe some other bosses could get updated mechanics as well, would love to see it.

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Because I'm curious to see what people come up with for discussion, also there's the one forum post that keeps updating daily about what's out on Black Lion Gem store, which is nice to know what's on sale or available without the need to login to check yourself.

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Are you a blind fanboy, still praising Anet even while their stream of warm kittens is splashing against your forehead?

Go to reddit or Lion's arch to find your kind!

Are you a soulless hater,  throwing extra fluffy kittens at Anet every single time they screw up?

Go to the forums to find your kind! ...and you might need more kittens.


So, yeah, I value the forum slightly more for my disposition.

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19 hours ago, Batel.9206 said:

To be informed, to ask questions, to answer questions and be helpful, to eat popcorn, and of course to whine about bugs and things I don't like. 😄 Wouldn't be a proper forum without that! (Case in point: I once whined for about two years straight on SWTOR's forums for a visual bug they eventually "fixed"...by purposefully making it even more broken. ArenaNet, fortunately, is not that dense. Or spiteful.)

Anet forums > Bware forums

I tell people all the time in this game when they gripe about the devs that it could be much, much worse. Anyone who played Swtor knows. At least here they've got people like Grouch, who while not perfect, can at least admit a simple mistake here and there. Swtor meanwhile is banning their cherry picked streamers for talking bad about the game lol. 

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I usually post when I can't play the game, or there's downtime. So usually I will dip in and out of discussions.

Sometimes it's to seek information or to give it. Patch notes and changes since there are too many to catch.

Rest of the options apply every now and then.

But the real Q is where else would you go? Reddit is alright, but has its own issues, and other forms of Social Media, I'd rather not.

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I have always been a little bit of a build junky and enjoyed theory crafting. I used to share builds and ideas off and on.


I still do that but I also make suggestions at this point due to the direction the balance has been going specifically from a PvP PoV.

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I chose other, because I actually come here for a variety of reasons.  So, I can't just choose 1 option.  And depending on my mood of the day, one of the options may be my chief reason for being here.  So I'm pretty split.  Finding out info is definitely a good one.  But I don't post to whine about the game, I usually sit back and watch others do that, for comedic reason...a lot of times, because I may or may not agree with them, but it's always funny to watch others lose their "cat scat" over something in the game.  I may hop on/tag on to someone else's suggestion post, especially if I think their suggestion is worthy or, if I see a drawback to it, depending on if I catch it while I'm perusing for another reason.  And if I have questions of my own, I'll go and ask them in the appropriate forums.

Mind you, I usually do this all under my usual account.  Right now I'm posting under my alt at the moment because I'm just now getting it set up for a few things going forward.  But all this said, yeah...I use the forums for a variety of reasons, not just one specific thing.

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