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Scourge "sandstorm shroud" area circle is yellow (same as enemy AOE)


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If you take the "sandstorm shroud" trait which converts desert shroud, the UI color is confusing.  While manifest sand shades and other player effects are green circles, the timer sandstorm shrouds are yellow (the same color as enemy damage AOEs).    Please change sandstorm shrouds circle color to green or some other color that's not confused as enemy AOE.

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i think its more of a problem with enemies overall areas .

in ankka strike, there are many times i cant see any area at all, not just the full effects but the red, OH kitten I HAVE TO RUN, area, and in other instances with many effects, twin largos for example, its incredibly difficult to see some of the warnings.

I say this because i think making those warnings more visible, giving priority in the grafics(so even if arena efects like on ankka fight arent visible you can alleais see the areas), making enemy areas a brighter red and maybe thicker, would be the best option, i mean yeah it would be easyer to evade things but just because we will see those things better, also its true that in wvw its difficult to see wich areas or warr domes are yours or theirs, making enemy areas all red and aly areas all green (or maybe just the wvw option to do it, like a toggle) would be huge help, i have been in wvw recenty and many time there were people asking, this are ours or theirs? talking about domes and i was, mmmm it has a tiny little less yellow and more orange so i guess its theirs?

yeah thats the level XD

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