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NA--EST Old Gamer Looking to Join Up with People starting Out


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Hello.  I am an older gamer---retired, living in Canada and in the eastern standard timezone.  I have played what I call computer games since the punch card days of the '70's.  I did play GW and GW 2 (along with pretty well any game that caught my fancy) 3 or 4 computers and 2 or 3 email addresses ago.


I have  started this game up again from scratch--my old accounts are really just dust in the wind--and would like to group with others (playing an MMO solo is not really my thing).


As an older player I have, of course, a host of disabilities--one of which is severe hearing loss.  I have solved this problem by purchasing a computer without a sound card, so most "come and chat with us" invites will, unfortunately, fall on deaf ears so to speak.  Additionally, nerve damage has allowed me to "mis-hit" keys on my keyboard,; so I do invent new words quite often.   I can play throughout the day except between 3:30-4:340 pm. EST, which is when I drive my teenage daughter to work (for the summer, times will vary once high school resumes).  Naturally, I am totally ignorant of most game mechanics but have acquired a senior's ability to google though I try to avoid it as I firmly believe that google steals your soul if employed too much (it's true you know, at least that's what the National Enquirer used to claim).


If there is a guild that will cater to this style of play (I do have 2 level 80 boosts  but don 't like boosting at least for t he first 2 or 3 characters) please feel free to drop me a line.  I will follow this topic and try and respond as expeditiously as possible.

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Hi Tukaal, Im the player named Lord Avian. ,its really nice to meet you, after having read what you posted. I think we have just the group of friends for you to play with. We love working with new/returning/veteran players. Our guilds goal is to make a welcome home for everyone, and after your settled in. Either stay around and make lots of new friends, or go off on your own and do what makes you happy. I will send you a in game notice this evening to invite you, you can come meet everyone , and join us in the chaos we persue. 


Lord Avian

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