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More suggestion to tempest and catalyst


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I know there is a lot of suggestions for both and I agree with a lot of topics in this forum. I'll compile my main frustations with them, maybe that can help some other angle view.


Tempest Alacrity

Ignoring at the moment several valid opinions, I want to say that is frustating wait 5 seconds to start an overload and be completely interrupted with a huge cooldown by almost ANY boss. One stab isn't enough  (if you are not healing, so using Harmonious Conduit trait). We cant give enough alac just reapeating earth overload. So, please pulse alacrity at the beginning of an overload; wait for 5 seconds is punishment enough in PvE, PvP or WvW. That would help to begin a battle in PvE too.



1. Some players and me already posted in catalyst forum about that, but pressing F5 for orb is contradictory with F1~F4, wich have the "same function". I still think catalyst should work like tempest, where the same element attunement button can be used.

2. Energy mechanic in catalyst is so... meaningless, the way they are now. The core, meaninful, most essencial elementalist mecanic in Guild Wars 2 is changin elements. Why, why not give energy orbs WHEN changing elements? Even outside combat! To give boundaries, why not ONE charge for each element, with internal cooldown (because Fresh Air)? As catalyst imo there are more sense the energy used to change elements be viable to our orb, wich is our "catalyser element".


As I said before, there is a lot valid opinions in this forum I agree. A LOT. These 3 are my main gaps in newer development for elementalist. Sorry if my english fail to clarify something and, of course, would be cool see if someone else agree or not with my suggestions.

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