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The great breach in Divinity's Reach.


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According to Ghosts of Ascalon (the first GW2 novel) there are extensive catacombs under Divinity's Reach, some of which may link into older cave systems. There's also a lot of water around it and likely under it in places. So I don't think it would take much for part of the city to become unstable.

There were many rumours, both among NPCs and among players that there was more down there than just a hole, and I remember when the Crown Pavillion was first created someone from Anet pointed out that it's just suspended over the hole, but the hole still exists and anything which was down there may well still be down there. I don't know if that will ever go anywhere or if it will be like the Wizard's Tower - one of those odd mysteries which remains a mystery. I suppose it depends on the stories Anet want to tell in future. But it's always possible there is more to it than just bad building work and that's just the part of the story which was known, or made public.

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