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PvP balance update when?

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This is because people ask for nurfs knoeing anet dont nurf they delete instead of buffs. Anet dors read forums so wheb all foruns is nurf this nurf that insead of buff this change that. The meta changes to more broken classes each time because thats how meta works. Whats the top broken class ok play that when nurfed u asked again whats now the most broken class ok play that.

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2 hours ago, Goldilock.2584 said:

I say biff everything back to its strongest state. See how meta looks then start again.

Terror necros maintaining fear, with just the fear ticking for 2K+. Deadeyes oneshotting you from permastealth for 60K (bypassing passive lifesavers triggering at 50-25% health). Sword weavers and staff daredevils in neverending permaevade chains. Minionmancer necros with INFINITE minions. Supports unkillable even in 3v1 unless you oneshot them before they could react. Turrets engies 1v1-ing you while they are afk...

What an awf... I mean awesome idea. Big thumbs up. We are one big happy family.

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30 minutes ago, Fueki.4753 said:

There isn't even anything resembling balance in PvE, so it is basically guaranteed to never arrive in sPvP.

Well at some point they had someone do band aid solution and there was some good enough representation for all professions, then they pulled the band aid off without fixing anything, so the mata is the same in all modes necro, guard, engi and some random friend that managed to sneak by to spice things up, but they can be substituted by the above mentioned 3 on a dps build no problem , except if it is HoT spec, then the rules for the other professions apply to them also.

No one knows how and why it works this way, even the devs, so we will have to accept this and just move on.

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