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Conjured weapons rework idea


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A conjured weapons rework is much needed for various reasons

Flame axe: there is no build I have found that actually uses flame axe well it's pretty much garbage

Frost bow: outputs healing, barely,

Air hammer: inspiration for catalyst but doesn't do anything close

Magnetic shield: is probably going to be nerfed anyways

Firey greatsword: got nerfed again at last balance patch

All of them aren't even helpful to other players


Instead of buffing some of their skills and trying to see what fits, I suggest this rework:


Instead of replacing your weapon it gives you an extra proffesion skill. this skill is similar to an extra skill you use for ow story instances. It would have 1 ammo and you can gain additional ammo by standing next to the weapon on the ground. Animations would be a weapon appears in your hand the you use it then it disappears and you continue fighting.


Flame axe: swipe a flame axe in an arc burning (blast finisher)

Frost bow: cause a rain of arrows at your target location which gives foes vulnerability and heals you each time an enemy is struck

Air hammer: smash the ground causing a shockwave which launches foes if you have a ranged weapon and pulls foes if you have a melee weapon

Magnetic shield: block projectiles and apply protection to yourself. Enemies whose projectiles are blocked gain bleeding

Fiery greatsword: remove movement impareing conditions and spin slashing nearby foes. gain might for each enemy struck


This would mean that allies would not be impared by picking up your weapons but rather be helped.

It would also give life to long dormant traits.


You could argue that it would limit skill options. However elementalist already has 25 skills available (29 for weavers) and who knows it may even give us that weapon swap 😉


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Sounds like a huge nerf. Pass


Everyone knows the effectiveness of Earth Shield. But Frost Bow and Lightning Hammer are actually viable with Quickness. 


Bow 2 combos and grants auras with catalyst. Bow 4 does good aoe damage. Hammer 1 provides an aura with every auto attack. And hammer four is incredible burst damage. LR Quickness Catalyst is near perfect for conjures. 


Its the QOL of conjures that make them so bad. Too much of a liability to use as a utility damage slot

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On 7/22/2022 at 6:43 AM, FrownyClown.8402 said:

Isnt frost bow and air hammer used in pve? Isnt earth shield used in pvp?

All your changes do is kill them

Just a concept of Equivalent Exchange. TBH I'd rather kill existing builds if it would make all 5 conjures actually viable. 


That being said, I do doubt that these changes are "equivalent/better" to what Eles will lose under the existing "functioning" Conjures.

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7 hours ago, Conqueror.3682 said:

Really the whole system is terrible, why not in the next expansion another profession gets conjures, that way anet will notice how bad they are and fix them.

Pretty sure anet always planned for conjures to be unique to Ele, just like how Engineering Kits are unique to Engi and banners unique to Warrior.

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im in favor of getting rid of the uniqueness to make it more streamlined with engie kits. turning them into kit equivalents i'd also get rid of the stat increases you get from having them equipped.

also buff them up. imo...

Flame axe: needs a massive buff, imo all the attacks should have some (or increased) burning on it.


Frost bow: should have more healing options on it, at the moment only the auto attack heals. also get rid of the water arrow mechanic on it (using auto attack grants a stack of this that then boosts the effects of the other 4 skills. seems tedious).

Lightning Hammer: pretty fine where it's at. being more inline with an engie kit would probably make it more useful then "summon use skill 4 then drop".

Magnetic shield: havent touched this in years so i have to look at the wiki. looks more like it has more use in pvp currently. would increase number of blocks on earth 2 to just block all attacks for the duration. Tectonic shift looks like a very good buff that you can get on the shield (barrier per second) but imo i would love to see a team application for it such as the elementalist providing barrier to allies around themselves each time it procs. otherwise the magnetic shield seems like a decent defensive/CC conjure. being made into a kit would allow you to have access to tectonic shift more often (and if team application is added would further increase it's value from a support angle)

Fiery Greatsword: the KING of elementalist elite skills. the only downside is its massive cooldown. if made into a kit would probably slightly nerf it's skills due to the increased accessibility.

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If they ever murder my buddy Earthshield like that... I AM OUT.

Imagine wasting a utility slot for this god awful idea.....

you waste a complete utilityskill slot.... for a 1 time reflect cast!?  OH WAIT! i can stand next to it and use it twice.... awesome...


i see no pros to this idea...  


Suggested Idea for Conjure rework:

Fire axe:  DAMAGE UP

Frost Bow: Damage UP UP

Earthshield: That thing is a beast! keep it!

Lighninghammer: mehh.. idk... i actually know a few builds that make good use of it...  but overal... DAMAGE UP!

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One shower thoughts idea;

Make an elite signet, put all conjures into it. When activated it summons whatever the conjure is related to your current attunement. Passive is based on your element and uses what you'd normally get from conjures. Can buff them all up now because it's in one elite skill. Can delete fire axe because it needs to be put to rest (pls).

There problem solved.


Conjures get cleaned up, we can still have our earth shield and fgs. We still need to choose what we need based on the situation. We get a decent elite skill. All's well that ends well.

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