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How is "distance" calculated?


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A couple of our traits have range restrictions (like must be farther than 150, but closer than 450). How are they calculated on really huge world boss?

Are they the distance to the edge of the hit circle (red circle under the boss) or are they the distance to the center of the hit box (the center of the red circle under the boss)? My guess is it's the first one, but has ANet confirmed that?

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I can't say for sure on World Bosses as it's been a while since I actually paid attention while doing them.  But, with their larger than average hitboxes I would think it'd be a pain. 


As far as how traits work, I can tell you Aim-Assisted rockets (must be 150 away) is from the edge of the hitbox.  Likewise High Caliber (<450 range for 15% crit chance) is also based off the edge of the hitbox.  That does not mean the red circle though, that red targetting circle does not necessarily match the hitbox, so you'll need to pay attention and do a little testing to find your sweet spot (which is 150-240 units away so you can still land jump shots, and ideally exactly 151 units away because blunderbuss scales on distance, so you want to be close).  Then you'll also want to consider boons, like you can't be further than 180 units behind your Firebrand otherwise you won't get quickness.

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I can't say for certain but I believe it is to do with the place that the damage takes place, so for example if it's the bosses hand (a common one) then you'd only need to be 150 away from the point where the hand takes damage which you would likely see easier with the pistol shots which don't piece or overcharged shot.

Realistically tho, 150 is basically just out of melee range so as long as you aren't licking your enemies face you should hit with aim assisted rockets.

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