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Perfect Inscriptions (Guardian)/Mech Core: J-Drive (Mechanist) break when using mounts

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For both Perfect Inscriptions and Mech Core: J-Drive, signet passives are supposed to be retained when the signets are on cooldown. However, if you activate signets, mount up, then dismount, any signet still on cooldown at the time of dismounting will not re-grant its passive effect. This seems to happen with these two and not with Written In Stone on Elementalist because Written In Stone applies a unique buff when signets are activated that mimics the effects of each signet, lasts for the cooldown duration, and persists even when mounting up (which, weird, but okay if that's your solution). However, the signet effects applied by Perfect Inscriptions and J-Drive when the signets are activated do not seem to persist when mounting up, and the game doesn't check for the trait again when dismounting to reapply them, so they're just...gone until the signet fully recharges. 

Kind of a niche case, I know, but it can be annoying in certain situations - mostly in open world. 

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