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Purchasing "Path of Fire" after "End of Dragons" resets collection progress

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If you play through the "End of Dragons" expansion pack without owning "Path of Fire" you can make progress towards certain Collections and earn rewards but will not be able to view that in the hero panel which states that "Path of Fire" must be purchased to unlock collections. However, once you purchase "Path of Fire" this progress gets reset as if you had never completed any objectives for it.  For certain collections, i.e. "Prima Donna", this can cause problems when the collection starter is non-repeatable event preventing you from completing it.  (CS Ticket 8740667)


Steps to reproduce:

1. Start with a "vanilla" Guild Wars 2 account with Level 80 Mesmer that completed the main story prior to "Heart of Thorns".  

2. Purchase "End of Dragons".

3. Train Virtuoso specialization and observe that you are awarded a specialization weapon for completing Prima Donna objective 1/14.

4. Complete 6 more Prima Donna objectives, while salvaging, selling or destroying the items as you go.  Use pen and paper as needed to track as you won't be able to view progress in UI.

5. After 7th objective is completed, observe pop-up indicating that collection progress has not been affected by item destruction.

6. (Optional) Make progress on other collections, i.e. "Bolt I: The Experimental Sword", but don't fully complete them.  

7. Purchase "Path of Fire".

8. Observe that progress made on "Prima Donna" (and/or "Bolt") has been reset for any items not still in your inventory.

9. Complete remaining "Prima Donna" objectives as manually tracked in step 4.

10. Observe that finishing the missing collection items is not sufficient to trigger collection completion.

11. Attempt to repeat "Prima Donna" objectives and observe that the collection progress is now blocked by the destroyed specialization items.

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Please note that despite the 8/23 Patch Notes listing this fixed, my collections are still broken: 


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    • Fixed a bug that caused the following achievements to be unobtainable by players who only have access to Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons:
      • Legendary Weapon Collections
      • End of Dragons Elite Specialization Weapon Collections
      • Core Mastery Insights


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