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New mastery idea: combined masteries

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I don't think I need to elaborate much here.

The goal would be to allow masteries from completely different expansions to synergize together and further enhance your character.


For example, the ability to use updrafts with your griffon or skyscale (this should come with an update that adds some updrafts to core, PoF and EoD maps), or the abilty to use your Jade bot's gliding booster ability while mounted as well.


Introducing "dual masteries" as a concept would also allow the devs to become more creatives with their future masteries, because they could start thinking about what their new ideas synergizes with and create even more content with minimal effort. I think it'd be pretty neat.

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Actually… I like this idea. I think it would be fun to updrafe with your mount 😊

and there is 1 combo that i really really reaaaly wanna have and that is the combination autoloot and the mastery essence manipulation from the icebrood saga so you don’t have to run around the whole time to pick up the essences that drops. That so annoying 😵💫

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Masteries keeping to their expansion is fine as it is. We don't need to combine them, especially updrafts and flying mounts should not interact with each other. Skyscale is good enough for simple flight as it is right now and Griffon is great for those who mastered its flying techniques.

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