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Can a Mech do crystals on Qadim in W7?

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I tried doing it before with condi mech, and the self heals from big boomer and the healing signet passive seemed to be sufficient to keep me alive. I used rocket boots to get back to the crystal after picking up the balls but it didn't work as soon as we placed the fire field between my crystal and the ball drop location. It went fast, so I'm not 100% sure what killed me, but I suspect it's because the jump with rocket boots has a range of just 600 and it only gets to 900 with the roll afterwards, so I think I died to the fire field during the roll. I relogged to virtuoso after that fail, because it was late and I didn't want to keep wiping the group with my experiments.


However now that rifle was buffed and it's a viable option for DPS, I want to try it again with power mech with rifle 5 as my 2nd teleport (with shift signet obviously being the first). It has a range of 800. Would it be far enough to jump over the fire, and does it avoid the fire damage while I'm in the air from this skill?


If anyone has experience doing Q2 crystals on mech (or engi in general), any advice in this regard would be appreciated.

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Yes, it can be done, some even recommend it over scourge and deadeye.


Heal signet is sufficient enough for sustain, provided with life steal food.

Though your rifle 5 only has 800 range, since your rifle 1 has 1200 range, that gives you the opportunity to sit closer to your target area.

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We tested the range on rifle #5 and it's abit sketchy but doable. Once u take the orb with shift signet slightly move forwards to pylon direction and then use Rifle#5, so u can really make over those fires. But it's a close call for sure. Fires have to be dropped perfectly. And i heard some ppl do it on mech quite successfully.

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