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Gates of Maguuma Achievements

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So I started playing Season 2 with a new character and noticed we can do the achievements now the first time through, (About time!) I did get hit with any Static Discharge in Disturbance in Brisbane and in Cornered, I was able to complete Opportune Moment, but not for Explosive Avoidance I did not get hit with any timed Blasts  and I completed Dashed Advantage, but did not get credit for those 2. What's going on?

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I know all that, this is my 36th character running through Story line, but this is the first time doing Season 2 with the current character I am playing, and I was able to get No one left behind and Opportune moment, now if the Wiki is correct, I should not have been able to get them, since this is not a replay. I was under the impression that Anet changed it so that we can now get the achievements the first time thru. The little Achievements bubbles were present when I was going through. So if this is the case, I'd like a developer for Anet to explain why I did not get the achievements?

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