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Make banners super support; and broken (in a good way)


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Banners are trash now. And even before we were all called banner slaves for using them. The meme and bullying has gone on long enough. Make banners busto. 

put down banner gives perma swiftness. And original stat buff pre nerf

skill 1: auto attack

2: extra stack of stat buff for 8 seconds

3: quickness 4 seconds (5 second cd)

4: a rush ability exactly the same as rush on GS without the attack (1200 range)

5: aoe breakstun. Gives group 1 second of stab. 25 second cd.


With elite banner it’s the same idea but more busted. Full banners allow you to use the abilities back to back on different banners or let your team grab one to be offhand support also. 

it’s now godlike and everyone’s begging for warriors. Warrior controls all the ethersphere and dominates wvw/pve and maybe some pvp .



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