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Suggestions/QoL Changes & Fixes Might Fall On Deaf Ears, But YOLO


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Hey guys Aiki here,  just wanted to offer a list of suggestions I felt would be beneficial and low impact QoL changes/fixes. I've already made a thread about some changes I would like to see back in November, 2021. (But some of the suggested changes are now obsolete, due to the recent SA changes.)

And I do apologize, because I am VERY biased, since I play WvW power Specter SC/D-- D/P (roamer) I don't have much experience with SC/P. I believe these simple QoL changes, (that wont break or overpower specter) will be healthy for the spec, because currently all it needs are some QoL changes and polishing love, not full reworks or design changes..

These suggestions are only for Specter, but in terms of Thief in general Critical strikes and Acrobatics need to be reworked and buffed. As well as one shouldn't NEED or have to be dependent on the Trickery line for +3 resource. Preparedness should be baseline. You will open more build diversity with this change. (This particular change has fallen on deaf ears for years now)

Specter UNDERWATER is UNFINISHED (It has to be....because shroud abilities underwater don't feel complete, as well as they need increased range and lock on ability), not to mention we lose out on all of our utility Wells and Elite skill.


- Scepter auto attack needs increased range, (possibly) vulnerability debuff build up on each A.A (Torment is boring and we have it on every other skill)

- Siphon should be instant, why is there a precast

When you use your siphon on an enemy, the (5 stacks for 6s 'vulnerability' debuff) doesn't get applied. Only the 'slow' debuff is applied. Post June balance patch (needs to be fixed)

- Get rid of that Siphon (Steal) line of sight/Valid path requirement. PLEASE

-Make siphoning an ally actually do something. Currently we just get put on 7s CD (would be cool to give allies boons from a distance, if they aren't in range of thrill of the crime or bountiful theft)

- Give Specter specialization a DIFFERENT drawback, taking away 3 initiative while using the specialization (At this point I am used to, but it still sucks), due to our ALREADY limited initiative resource and resource generation, if you are NOT using SA Shadow Rejuv

- Stealth attack needs to actually do something useful (because it doesn’t hit hard enough, doesn’t CC, or apply any meaningful condition that you don’t already apply with an AA.)

- Give us more access to quickness. (Yes chrono runes exist, I know, but not enough.. this is my selfish wish)

- SC/P & SC/D both need better #2 weapon skill options (maybe a leap, small teleport, stun, or just something more utility based entirely) or Increase the damage. (wouldn't be bad if you changed the projectile design on #2 either, so it differentiates itself)

- SC/D #3 Twilight Combo needs a velocity increase in it's 1st projectile

Decrease the cost of twilight combo by 1 initiative (if you are not running trickery, you pretty much almost use up your entire resource with 1 skill)

 Add additional tracking  and trajectory correction on twilight combo so it DOESN'T MISS or obstruct when the enemy is LITERALLY in front of you or strafing 50-100m away from you

Twilight combo needs to be able to pierce enemies or hit multiple enemies in a cone.

Twilight combo could use slight range increase


- The Second Opinion trait should  be changed to a minor trait. Then create an entirely new trait or bring  back a legacy Thief trait that meshes well with Specter. Preferably something to do with power. At least give us 1 power trait option OR increase vitality. And if not, increase the healing power and effectiveness of the trait

- Get rid of 300s CDs (shallow Grave)


- Shroud 2 honestly is a very powerful and good skill. Maybe could benefit from a slight range increase, but in general I like the skill.

- Shroud 3 needs increased range for the leap AND initial evasion frame in the beginning of the leap (1s)---( Too many times I leap, and get CC'd before getting in the air.)

- Shroud 4 needs the claws range to be increased, needs 1 more strike to be added (in total 3 strikes), and auto lock on target, similar to rangers lock on Rapid fire ability. (Honestly I would even ask for a 360 degree claw barrage, if we can't get the auto lock on, this way there's less of a chance for missing your target.), I wouldn't be mad if shroud 4 gave a stun.. But that's getting too deep into over poweredness in 1 skill.

- Shroud 5 should give 1s stability on initial press and 2s stability again after blast finisher

Since post June balance patch, shroud 5 AoE ring visual cue has vanished. I DO like that buff/change a lot. Now people aren't dodging out of my aoe stun (could be a buff to some, and a nerf to others.. depends on how you look at it, I always wanted that visual cue gone). I'm just not sure if it was intended or a bug.


- Specter elite (Well) skill needs to have .5 or 1s evasion on initial jump. (too many times I get CC'd while in the initial leap animation and the skill goes on full CD)

- Specter elite (Well) could also in addition to pulling, could offer (projectile denial, boon rip for every time the enemy gets knockdown, or pulse blind. (Anyone of those would be cool)

- Wells should be flip skills, so we can CHOOSE whether or not we want to Shadowstep into danger. You know.. Autonomy?

- Underwater utility Wells are non-existent, and we are cut out from 50% of our spec under water


I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this, but when you’re (FULL) shroud life force, which for me is ( 29k life force ) and then you hop onto your warclaw, and then hop off, you lose 6k force. I went down to 23k life force. (This ONLY happens when at FULL life force ) it’s a similar interaction to how we lose 3 initiative when getting off a warclaw at full initiative while using daredevil or any of the other specializations besides specter. (This needs fixing)

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On 7/26/2022 at 11:56 AM, FelsPinguin.5902 said:

Although I think that some of the suggested buffs are a bit too much: As a whole some of the QoL changes are truly needed. Especially concerning the bugged skills.

Sorry for the late response, I truly appreciate you responding. I was hoping for a bit more feedback from others in the thief community too. 

Which suggested buffs do you believe are a little much. 🙂 ?

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On 7/26/2022 at 2:49 AM, AikijinX.6258 said:

Scepter auto attack needs increased range

I do not think that additional range is needed. Specter is not a ranged class like Deadeye.


On 7/26/2022 at 2:49 AM, AikijinX.6258 said:

Siphon should be instant

I do not agree with that either. Siphon unlike Steal or Swipe is a special skill just like Deadeyes Mark. Due to its ongoing effect the cast time is justified.


On 7/26/2022 at 2:49 AM, AikijinX.6258 said:

Give us more access to quickness


I do not think that self quickness is really necessary. However I do think that healing should be aligned. Especially due to shadow savior in many cases I heal others a lot more than I heal myself and end up dying although my healed ally is still at good health.


On 7/26/2022 at 2:49 AM, AikijinX.6258 said:

Twilight combo needs to be able to pierce enemies or hit multiple enemies in a cone.


I am of the oppinion that it should work with the Deadly Aim trait on allies as well. This goes for all specter ally skills. However, I do not think that Pierce should be baseline. Otherwise you would heal on a decent spec 2k for the whole team due to the shot and another 2k due to the shadowstep.


On 7/26/2022 at 2:49 AM, AikijinX.6258 said:

Shroud 3 needs increased range for the leap AND initial evasion frame in the beginning of the leap (1s)---( Too many times I leap, and get CC'd before getting in the air.)


I Think it is fine as it is, due to it being a very powerful group cc and leap finisher.


On 7/26/2022 at 2:49 AM, AikijinX.6258 said:

Shroud 5 should give 1s stability


Not needed imo, since noone reacts to the cast animation.


Most of the other points I agree with. Especially the things that were mentioned in the bug thread as well.

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On 7/25/2022 at 8:49 PM, AikijinX.6258 said:

Scepter auto attack needs increased range


Thief is a very mobile class, and Specter gives you both additional mobility options and a second health bar. 900 range lets you avoid a bunch of melee pressure, and nobody with a 1200-range weapon can hold you at 900-1200 range for long.

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