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Insane pvp brawler warrior is back


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12 hours ago, gmmg.9210 said:

A variation on shoutsworn in PvP I crafted. Let me know your thoughts. In my opinion it's meta material



That's very similar to what I run. I suggest trying rune if the eagle... Your damage will really clap with that.


Warhorn is also a reasonable offhand for certain condi heavy matchups. 

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45 minutes ago, gmmg.9210 said:

Ofc it’s tactics bs cuz tactics because anet is obsessed with support tactics builds instead of fixing outdated traits/skills from 2014

Sad but very true 😞

I really hope an overhaul of Defense is in the works... That could be a huge boost for core, SpB, and Berserker builds. 

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A buddy shared this build with me, and I've been trying it out with pretty good results. You lose some of the big healing numbers and max power from the strength line, but you gain a faster and more flexible offense with FH and dual axes. You are also much more resilient to condi thanks to brawlers recovery. And Warrior's Sprint means you are no longer hamstrung by BS's Achilles heel: immobilize. 


Lower critical chance is def a drawback, but you kinda compensate by having such a high volume of hard-hitting attacks that *something* is bound to hit big. 


Overall, it's a pretty tanky brawler/bruiser. Worth a try! 

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