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Error in Charr personal story A Fork in the Road - Vallus

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When choosing Sorcerous Shaman for the charr personal story and after completing A Fork in the Road, the biography text reads:

Seneca the Jailer and I took Forktail back from the Flame Legion. I had a tough decision to make: go with Vallus to disrupt the Flame Legion ritual threatening the Black Citadel brass, or lock Vallus up again and defend the tribunes and imperator personally. I made my choice, and now I have to make sure that no harm comes to the High Legions' leaders.

It mentions the decision to go with Vallus or lock him up. In fact, it should be Forktail (or Clement), as Vallus is the father in the honorless gladium biography option and does not appear in this branch of the personal story.

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