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Solo Builds - Cele Minion Catalyst


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This is my current favorite build for soloing open world content. 

Build Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGQAIlZw0YXsKGJOqOmxLA-zxIY1oovMiLR6oIU+iEEbm3yWPbA-e


How does it work?

This build mostly focuses on burning and bleeding. The bulk of your damage comes from fire and earth attunement. You have very good built-in defense with prot, resolution, damage reduction, and constant sustain. 

With Glyph of greater and lesser elementals, you will always have a pet (or multiple pets) to tank for you, helping ease the pressure off of you in more difficult fights. 

Isn't Catalyst difficult to play?

As usual with ele builds, this has a high skill cap, but the skill floor of the build can be tweaked to your liking. 

In the last patch, Anet nerfed the power damage on fire 1 in hammer BUT they reduced the aftercast, making this skill twice as fast!

This is a massive buff for condi catalyst because hammer skill 1 inflicts burns. Since it attacks faster it also procs Pyromaner's Puissance and Heal signet faster. 

 If you're not wanting to put in too much effort you can play the build as follows:

LI Variant: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGQAIlZw0YXsKGJOKPmRNA-zxIY1oovMiLR6oIU+iEEbm3yWPbA-e


For a less button spammy playstyle...

Camp Fire attunement

Spam 1 to constantly inflict burns and build might

Turn on your fire orb. It will pulse burns to any enemies around you and it gives a passive damage buff. 

Fire skill 2 and 4 can be used for AoE or for more burst. Or if you just get tired of spamming 1 and need something to do. 

Use signet of fire and earth if things arent melting to your burns fast enough. 

Use your glyphs to vomit fire elementals. They are your personal army and will protect you. They can also rally you if you go down!  

For a more durable army, you can spam out a few earth elementals. These will also help you with breakbars!


If you wanna start getting more advanced:


Use fire sphere and hit skill 5 into it for some extra might and fury if you need it. Also deals some chunky damage and grants stability!

The elite fire elemental skill does good damage. 

If you want to bump up your dps, you can start to integrate earth attunement into the mix. 

Skill 2, 3, and 5 will all put out a lot of bleeds. The 4 skill can be used for an on demand block whenever you need it. 

Air attunement can be used mostly for CC and water attunement can be used for cleanse, sustain, and some resolution if you need it. 

All of your combos will grant stability if used inside your Jade sphere. This is all of your hammer 5 skills, water 4, and Grand Finale. 

If you want to go even further: 


You can start performing a proper rotation against enemies. For this I mostly copy the power cata rotation, but I drop water 4 and water 5. This lets me save them for healing and cleanses if I need them. I just hit my Signet of fire and earth on cooldown and spam out fire elementals when possible. (Earth if I need a tank)




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