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Returning player - question about expansions

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Hello there,
as a title suggests, I am a returning player who haven't really played since the Heart of Thorns and I haven't even fully completed the Heart of Thorns story, not to mention masteries and all the other stuff in the Heart of Stones expac.


Currently I am thinking of buying the other two expansions, but I really don't have that much time to play anymore, so it will probably take me quite a lot of time to play through the story of each expansion, as such I am unsure whether to buy the collection of both the expansions right away or just buy the Path of Fire with the notion I will purchase the End of Dragons sometimes in the future. My question is, will I lose anything substantial for not owning all the expansions? Or will I be albe to experience new things in the expansions only after reaching their new continents?


Or perhaps, would you suggest buying the End of Dragons first to hop on the content with most players? On the other hand, I would love to be able to use mounts even for exploring the older content, so I am leaning towards buying the Path of Fire first.


I know that buying the collection comes a little bit cheaper, but I currently trying to save as much money as possible. And if i won't be actually missing anything from the game apart from the new game areas, I like the idea of purchasing one of the expansions now and the other one in a month or two, if I will still have enough time to actually play the game.


Thank you all for your answers.

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Path of Fire will be MUCH more value for your money. The mounts alone are game-changing, and overall, it's the better expac of the 2.

Only get EOD if you're really into 10-man PVE endgame content, because, frankly, it's the only part of the expac that's genuinely good. There's not much content in it to hop onto otherwise.

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There is no single right or wrong answser to what you ask. I would lean toward PoF first for story continuity and mounts. I would even go as far as pushing for LW Season 4 (six episodes, 1200 gems in total) before EoD because it is a better story, very profitable, and offers access to the best mount in game.

What would EoD offer in terms of gameplay that PoF won't? Hmm. Jade Bots. Siege Turtle. Its own set of nine elite specs. An easy precursor for a legendary weapon.

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1 hour ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

If you purchase End of Dragons, you will unlock the basic Raptor and Springer Mounts.


But only the base mounts with no masteries. This isn't the best option for most people, who'll eventually wish they had the springer high jump and the raptor long jump.

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On 7/28/2022 at 7:03 AM, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

That's why I specified 'basic' Mounts, and sent a link explaining more.  :classic_rolleyes:

Right, which is that opinion wasn't enough information for a new guy who possibly didn't know what a base mount entailed, so I filled in the detail. It's not a reflection on what you said just an embellishment.

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