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Phantasm skills should grant allies boons

Noodle Ant.1605

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I was about to let the recent Master Fencer change slide until I took my core mesmer to slap a 1 million hp sponge from the latest living season episode, inconsistently critting (despite being in almost full assassin's gear) with a sad <50% uptime in personal fury. Who am I even giving this fury to here? Am I be expected to drag another player along to all my story instances just so I don't get trolled by crit RNG?

There's a massive flaw in this design as any crit-based build needs as much fury as they can get, will already self-supply it if possible and will not want to have to rely on others just to get reasonable uptime of this essential boon. External sources of fury can remove the need to expend certain resources/fulfil specific requirements to generate personal fury, but should absolutely not be a necessity.

If the developers want to continue with their design of throwing more group might and fury (or boons in general) around everywhere, then I believe it would be far more sensible to add them to phantasm skills rather than axing working traits just to make way for them (and then not really be used like Spotter and Assassin's Presence because they're not worth it). If a skill like Blunderbuss can somehow grant boons, then there's absolutely no reason why phantasm skills can't. Because this would be a straight-up buff, I don't really expect these boons to have amazing base duration but at the same I don't really expect them to be all that powerful anyway. What I have in mind:

  • Phantasmal Berserker: fury
  • Phantasmal Warlock: regen, kind of strange how there's a traitline that focuses on regen yet the whole class lacks non-traitline sources to generate it
  • Phantasmal Swordsman: might, because its already there
  • Phantasmal Warden: resolution?
  • Phantasmal Duelist: fury, also grants it to the phantasm to address the unnecessary conflict between Phantasmal Fury vs. Duelist's Discipline
  • Phantasmal Mage: might?
  • Echo of Memory/Deja vu: protection, because its already there
  • Phantasmal Defender: stability or aegis or protection
  • Phantasmal Disenchanter: resolution? because before rework it also stripped conditions from allies 

Because I didn't forget:

  • Phantasmal Marriner: might or fury, opposite of whaler
  • Phantasmal Whaler: might or fury, opposite of marriner
  • Phantasmal Rogue: none, because there are no downed skills that innately generate boons

And then Master Fencer should ideally be reverted because it was a change that wasn't really asked for.

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A part of me would be okay with this idea but then I keep dialing back to Chrono being the support spec. 
For me Phantasms just serve as an attack but I definitely wish the player themselves did the phantasmal attack as a few of ones we have are easy to avoid which then becomes a waste of dps. 

I was going to suggest something along the lines of having every phantasm gain a boon as what you mentioned, while also giving the Mesmer a boon upon executing the skill. I think this would synergize well with our Persistence of Memory trait, or have that trait be baseline for all phantasms when they turn into clones. 

I still like your idea though.

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