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Will we see new boons moving forward?


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Hi all! This is an honest question based on the "let's remove unique buffs and turn them into boons" philosophy.

Most of the traits that provided a unique stat boost to the party have changed to give boons instead. This means that some of those traits are copies between professions (ranger's and revenant's both give fury, while warrior's and engi's both give might). On top of that Necros still bring shareable lifesteal through Blood Magic's Vampiric Aura.

Would it make sense then to add more boons to the game to give each of those traits more uniqueness through boons? Or is the boon system too bloated already?

I'm leaning towards the second option here, but at the same time I think adding more boons could help the variety of DPS+boon providers (or maybe it would make it worse and it's a horrible idea?). Some examples would be:

+ Leeching (essentially a life-steal boon necros, revenants and thieves would excel at sharing)

+ Ardor (Replacing Kalla's Fervor in its initial iteration: +2% crit damage, condi damage and life-steal, stacks up to 5, comes baseline from mesmer, warrior and engi, as well as renegade of course)

+ Fervor (Increases all healing received and reduces incoming condi duration, used by ele, guard and ranger)

Some of these thoughts come as well from the lack of new effects, boons and conditions in EoD's combat (except single target healing from Specter) compared to Barrier in PoF or Alacrity, Resistance and Taunt in HoT.

What do you think?

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The changes to banner and spotter weren't about just removing unique effects and turning them into boons, they were about removing party-wide stat buffs. They didn't seem to want things like crit capping dependent on other players having a trait or skill active. Those effects had an impact on player gear and builds.

I can't think of any reason why life steal would be turned into a boon other than to standardize it. I don't think there is a benefit to doing that when each class with access to it has traits that do different things and different amounts. 

The most recent balance patch saw Soldier's Focus get quickness when traited so unique buffs aren't exactly dying out. I don't think most effects are going anywhere. Turning something like soothing mist into regen would be a massive nerf.

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I hope they will not introduce any more boons to the game. The game already has too much of that.

If anything, Arenanet should aim to drastically reduce the boon application spam and return uniqueness to the professions.

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