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since reaper isn't really competitive rn...


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this is just a little idea to rework reaper in competitive modes (pvp especially)

the idea is to give reaper the tools to actually stay in a melee fight without a babysitting support class while nerfing the ultracarry-trait Reapers Onlaught in compensation. The buffs focus mainly on the useless shout and minor traits & greatsword.

-increase staying power in melee fights
-make GS & shouts viable
-get rid of staff-dependency

Reapers Onlaught: remove 300 Ferocity

Minortrait Buffs:

Shroud Knight: add 300 toughness
(reason: Reaper is a melee class and way to squishy to do that on light armor...)

Shivers of Death: rework to "if you would inflict cripple, inflict chill instead. fearing an enemy also inflicts 2s chill" 
(reason: most useless trait in the game)


Could Shoulder: rework to" inflicting chill grants 3s of protection (icd. 5s). striking a chilled enemy deals 10% more damage"

(reason: underperforming trait in pvp/wvw)

Majortrait Buffs:

Augury of Death: remove the useless life siphon, instead shouts remove 1 condition for reaper only
(reason: decreasing staff dependency for condiclear)

Chilling Victory: rework to "striking a chilled target grants 3s of fury and 3% lifeforce (icd: 5s)"
(reason: reaper needs fury)

Reapers Onslaugh: add +25% movement speed if wielding a melee weapon
(reason: opening up sigil/trait line choices)


GS #2 Gravedigger: reduce cast time to 3/4s, add 3s weakness on hit

GS #3 Soul Spiral: reduce cast time to 3/4s

(reason: GS #2 &#3 are too slow to hit anything)

these buffs would grant reaper more sources of chill with less duration, more damage mitigration, condiclear on shouts and a semi-useful melee weapon to use over staff. to compensate it loses out on burst potential due to the ferocity loss in shroud. overall this would be a buff. 


what do you think about it?

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Super random changes that lack any concept or synergy. If you want more staying power you could simply reduce the shroud degeneration to 4% and F1 cooldown to 8 seconds. The rest is just building properly for life force generation and picking spectral armor.

Well, the more I think about it: reducing the spectral armor cooldown to 30s alone would do the job.

But I'd definitely like to see the PvE folks reactions to that ferocity removal. This could be fun.

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- Reaper onslaught: You might not be aware but some people believe that "reaper is the necromancer power spec".

- Shroud knight: Toughness is hated in PvE while in competitive mode this amount of toughness have already been removed from the necromancer because it "made it to tanky" (carapace's toughness bonus is halved in competitive modes)

- Shiver of death: This make all "on chill" proc potentially broken (I mean, just use flesh golem/bone fiend and enjoy)

... etc.

Competitive modes players would take their pitches and forks while begging for reaper's death if the devs did what you suggest. I mean, you're basically suggesting to make reaper a tanky condi minionmancer. While in PvE, reaper would just ignore power gear and go full condi build with broken condi damage potential.

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