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Warriors and Alacrity


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More than a suggestion, it's an idea I wanted to throw out of my head.


I have the idea to add alacrity in Discipline major grandmaster trait Burst Master.

The reason it's to make warrior a (kind of) support alac dps.


Besides that, it can be used with all expansions specializations but it works different in each one.

Let me explain:

* On Berserker, it'll do by spamming prime bursts but surely everyone will stay with axe to maximize alac gain

* On Spellbreaker you can spam bursts but unlike Berserker, you can use the rest of the weapons for the same result. It could work better with Strength major grandmaster trait Merciless Hammer to build adrenaline fast.

Personal note: maybe that trait could be use to build flow fast on Bladesworn

*On Bladesworn, it's almost same as Berserker: you can spam alac with dragon slash burst but with major grandmaster trait Dragon Daring.


I don't expect comments and Anet surely won't make this real. As I said before, just wanted to throw out of my head this.

If you read this, thank you.

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