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Dungeon Armor - Better Textures?

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Since they seem to be overhauling some old end bosses in terms of art, I was wondering if they might find the time to revisit and tweak the old dungeon armor sets.


Quite a few of them are much rougher looking, graphically, than the things made in the past 7 years or so. 

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Just now, Labjax.2465 said:

I would love to see older armor textures revisited in general. It's never fun trying to mix and match and realizing two pieces don't work well together because one is lower res texture than the other.

True - I was just looking at my female Diviner (WvW) armor leggings and was going to add that more than just the Dungeon pieces could benefit, hahahaha.

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Yes, older armor in general could use a texture update. For a specific example, the medium Twilight Arbor set. I adore that armor so much...but the leaves on the coat look like smooth, shiny plastic.

For the most part, it seems cultural armor actually holds up fairly well, but I'm sure even that could be improved.

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