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Fishing: specialized Alts, and few suggestions.

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Fishing is heavy alt-unfriendly.


- Baits and lures are sloted per character.

- Loots of baits, its mean unless u want constantly switch map to acess a bank, u have to carry all that baits to do a "specialized" hunt.

"but why u need buy baits in advance?" -Theyre spreaded over many NPC's, u have to use wiki to find out where buy some baits.

- Specialized food to fishing, oh yeah u have to replacing ur regular food(for pve or whatsover), imagine a nightmare to who use the primers.


-> The "pros" of a fisherman alt:


- "roleplay". 

The 2 Angler skins are very cool. my choice was the Thief, because medium armor is where we find mostly "hunter" like skins.

Also Thief give options of Daredevil, them theres rod skin for Staff in Bjora Marches, or the option of a DeadEye, where we can use a "rifle", to a hunter like vibes. (here mine pic: https://imgur.com/a/0qrMiYZ )

- don't worring about replacing the "fishing fod".

- don't worring about  inventory mess with all baits, the "fisherman" alt become the mule of fishing supplies.

- specialized jade bot: jade sliver/skiff boost made a good combo for the "fisherman" alt.


Some criticize and suggestions:


Fishing is a great feature, but still feel rushed.

- Very few "free" related skins, the 2 angles skins, 2 rods(or 3?) skins. its seesm u added feature then rushed to lauch Gem Store stuff.

And the skiff basically is 1 the basic, not counting the promotional one coming with the "plus" EoD package.


- theres LOT's of rustic/ambient skiff/canoes in the game, u can just reutilize the assets, and make some "free"(or achievment locked) skiffs, specially the regional ones will be great and incentive more ppl dive into feature. some examples ( https://imgur.com/a/V34vxGL ) 

- same for rod skins, and "staff' skins where can become rods like the Bjora One.

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51 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

It seems the Fish Merchants/mongers carry the specific bait needed for the map they are located in. 

well remenbering.


but still user unfriendly. u need pass mouver map merchant icon to see if its a "fish merchant".


a good solution is add a 'ship icon' on map like we have on seitung province, to mark "harbours".

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