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Time Gated Druid Runestone Fragments

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4 hours ago, Labjax.2465 said:

Not sure where you get 15 minutes from. Not everybody is gonna take that little amount of time to complete them. There is also the time that goes into the unbound magic. And not everybody has alts to park there in the first place.

Oh, I thought this post was about the time gating component. Not the whole collection. 😅
And sure, it can take some people longer. It can take others 15 min to do the hearts (time gated) portion. I'd hope by the 10th time its not much more than 15 min though.

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Gotta arm yourself with patience when playing MMOs. For me the appeal in GW2 pve is open world, where I can pick from 10s of things I could do (i.e. not having to wait on / repeat that 1 thing).

But someone decided that, no, you will be doing hearts in this map for 16-20 days. The best thing about hearts is the variety of activities, not repeating them like a bot for anywhere between half a month and a full month.

But oh well, at least its an outlier and not the norm. Otherwise I wouldn't be still playing this game.

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It's an easily-replaceable backpack from a part of the game released so long ago that any complaints would have been made (and ignored) then. 

Anyone doing it for the legendary are already accustomed to grind and time gating. Anyone else is judt being silly for a backpack.

LW seasons are notoriously all over the place with stuff like this. Especially season 3.

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11 hours ago, Kaliwenda.3428 said:

I got mine during the return to living world event.  Every day there would be someone in chat showing off the link to the backpack and saying something like "goodbye to this map forever" and we would all say congrats and wish them well.

I still wear mine to this day 🙂

I got mine at that time as well.  It's a lovely back piece!  Lol and that's ongoing...it's almost daily to see someone say I'm never doing this map again.  Until they start Aurora.... 😉.  I started it this week, so it's actually fun to revisit the map and watch the screams about the back lol. 

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