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How many badges of honor do you have? What do you do with them?

Ya Ya Yeah.7381

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Right before I logged out, I looked at them and just wished we could be something more with them.... Sometimes I buy from permanent portable provisioner to get the daily, and in an emergency, I buy the crappy food from the provisioner, that's about all I use them for. What about everyone else? Anyway, I'm at 53,105. 


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You can lead a horse to water.....

I had over 100k badges, plus 15 stacks of old skirmish chests, converted it all to badges, sold badge of tributes for gold, easy money, dunno why someone haha at my post.

Edit: actually had 21 stacks, donated a few to the guild tactics.



But moan and groan about having so many badges and nothing do with it instead I guess.

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