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Open World (Events) - supporting

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I started playing events and was wondering what class/build is good for this kind of activity? I used to play as firebrand with heal and harrier stats and druid with ministrel, scourge with apothecary as I like healing people and rather to see green numbers over red ones, simply in my opinon damage dealers on huge events don't impact that much as it happens in fractals, raids, dungeons etc.


My question is what other build are playable with huge SUPPORT opportunities, was thinking about perma buff herald or warrior banners. I don't worry about dealing damage, even 1k/s is okay for me, all I want is to never see any gray bars on screen.


Also from latest patch that support core world bosses I spotted that Anet made support class more usefull than before, thats why I started playing as healer/support 🙂

Sorry for grammer mistakes 🙂

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The most significant build in any kind of content involving newbies is Mercy Scourge.


This is a Scourge wearing Mercy runes and taking the revival traits, the rest of your build being made however you want it (DPS, healing, etc.). I call this the "schlorp scourge" myself as it has the iconic ability to vaccum downed allies off the floor, and it'll carry through almost any content be it open-world, world bosses, dungeons and so on. (Its also super useful in training-level strike missions).


I would say the second-best support for newbies is HAM-Heal Alacrity Machinist. This is a support build for Engineer which uses the Medkit and the Mech pet to provide healing, boons, and permanent Alacrity, and if using gear like Zealot's it does okay damage for the party as well. Its as strong as Firebrand but alot more approachable and flexible with gear, due to the pet providing some damage.


To make the most use of Medkit, you need to run Monk runes, Sgil of Transference/Benevolence (Renewal instead in high-end PvE, as sigil stacks become a liability), Rice ball, etc.


Lastly, you've tried Druid but Untamed and Soulbeast supports are a thing now too, taking the Spirits for the boon output (especially Alacrity). They have lower healing output than Druid but deal more damage when spec'd for it, and provide more utility to the group.


Stanceshare Spirit Soulbeast with Pack runes has some of the highest boon output in the game (perma 25 Might, Fury, Alac, Protect, Regen, Swift, and Vigor with 40% uptime on Stability) which is highly effective in lower-level content where players rarely have access to boons at all, let alone with good uptime. They also have some burst healing on top of this (when using Harrier or Celestial instead of Diviner).

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